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The good old days

The good old days were something to behold

Families were poor, in those days of old.

Luxuries were very few or not at all

Buying of supplies was only done in the fall.

When crops were poor, they had to do without

All the children knew what skimping was all about.

Yet they managed to enjoy life and be funny

For fun, they just didn´t need any money.

They all prayed together at the end of the day

Thanked God for the many blessings,

before they went on their way.

By Marie Maresh Dvorak

(from the book Pisek The First Century)

One hundred twenty-five years have gone by since the city of Pisek in North Dakota was founded. It was in 1882 when the „surveyors“ laid out the site for the town Pisek, so named, because it is built on a sand ridge and the name means sand in Czech, also many of the people came from the Southbohemian city Pisek, Czech Republic.

In the year 2007 Pisek ND and community residents salute the past and its future with a celebration of planned activities, June 23, 2007. We, in Pisek, Czech Republic want to be a part of this celebration. We have decided to publish a memorial set of postcards by the occasion of this wonderful anniversary. We wish to thank everyone for the cooperation and support, especially Mr. Terrance Peterka and Mr. Ross Spoonland from Pisek ND for pictures and necessary information. Without it this set of postcards could not have been published. The project came into existence under the support of the Region of South Bohemia.

We´d like to express our appreciation and thank to the First Lady of North Dakota Mrs. Mikey L. Hoeven for the support of the contest „Welcome to Pisek, North Dakota“ we organize for the pupils of Czech Pisek schools. We trust this project will contribute to a better understanding of both cities and both regions, although there are thousands of miles between them.

Jan Mestan

Publishing House J&M


Czech Republic


© 2007 Jan Měšťan